Rent Protection Insurance

Rent Protection Insurance offers the best protection for landlords who have properties rented out. It ensures the landlord will receive the monthly rent, even if the tenant stops paying.

Okify partners with DAS Insurance

Okify is a licensed Insurance Agent (ID C0396B67627539) by the Spanish Insurance Regulator. We offer our rent protection insurance through DAS Insurance. DAS is the European Leader in Legal Defense Insurance and has been providing landlords with the best protection for over 50 years.

Why protecting our rent?

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Protection for landlords

In the event of a rent default, we take care of all the legal expenses and guide landlords throughout the whole legal process.

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invest in security

With a single payment, the landlord can protect any loss of income and any additional problems that come along like damages in the property.

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tenant referencing

We conduct a thorough tenant analysis to ensure the risk falls between acceptable limits and the landlord can rent out their properties with confidence.

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rent faster

Speed up the rental process with our digital referencing, quoting and policy issuing system

What is covered by our rent protection insurance?

Main coverage:

  • Compensation for rent default: 12 months of rent
  • Compensation for damages in the property by acts of vandalism: 3.000€
  • Compensation for utilities payment default: 150€
  • Compensation for rent default due to fire and other causes: 12 months rent
  • Cleaning service after eviction: 150€
  • Landlord legal protection: 10.000€
  • Subsidiary liability: 10.000€
  • Tenant eviction and rent claim: 10.000€
  • Legal defense and claims derived from the lease other than eviction and rent default : 10.000€
  • Conflicts related to ownership of insured property: 10.000€
  • Remote legal advise: DAS Service
  • Management of legal documents: DAS Service
  • Management of utility switch: DAS Service / Okify
  • Proactive legal advise: DAS Service
  • Consumer rights: 10.000€
  • Claiming of other insurance non-compliance: 10.000€
  • Claiming of non-contractual damages caused by third parties: 10.000€

Okify is an Insurance Agent licensed by the Spanish Insurance Regulator (DGS) with id C0396B67627539.